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Here are some fun, cheap, and free things to do and see in Key West and the Florida Keys. If you are looking for more information about the best hotels, restaurants, hotels and attractions on the Keys, click here. In this "Florida Keys Travel Guide," we'll cover some of the most popular and best things to do in Key West, Florida's most famous tourist destination. Headlines last year were a $1,000 per person price for an overnight stay at a hotel in Keys City.

If you're on a family vacation in the Florida Keys, check out our list of 35 activities you can do with your kids in Key West. Discover the best places to eat the main lime pies in the Keys, the most popular tourist attractions and much more. This includes finding amazing Cuban cuisine, visiting the quirky Conch Republic fairground, strolling through the central west, and exploring some of Florida's most famous tourist destinations, such as Key East, Keys City, and Key Largo.

If you have any questions about visiting the Conch Republic, please contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you have difficulties in dealing with them in Key West, do not be afraid to contact us with your questions.

Below is a list of activities in Key West, with links to some of our favorite restaurants, hotels and attractions. Be sure to check out our KeyWest Events Calendar to find many options and activities during your Key East vacation. If you are interested in reading about everything else in the keys, please see our post about all the things we have done in keys for more information.

During your stay in Florida, take a few minutes to read our Key West travel guide and learn everything you need to know about your trip to Florida. These 21 reasons to visit KeyWest will convince you to include Key East in your itinerary the next time you visit Florida!

We have put together our Key West Guide to help you get the most out of your trip to Florida. If you have a love of literature and are planning a trip to the Florida Keys, the KeyWest Literary Seminar, which offers guided tours, is one of the best ways to do things in Key East and also a great way to learn more about the Keys literary scene. Key - West Hydrobikes offers a daily guided tour of Wisteria Island where we can walk around the island, watch the sunset and learn more about Key West.

Forget Key West, and the best alternative is a visit to southwest Florida, such as Naples or Fort Myers, for great views of the Florida Keys and great food and entertainment.

If you want to explore Key West, it is a good idea to rent a car and stay only where you need the car. If your key holiday is part of a long journey, you can use your own car, but if you plan to travel a lot, renting a car is more than necessary.

A drive from Miami to Key West is the only time you need a car for the entire trip. The only times you need the car are short trips, such as a one-day visit to Miami or a two-week trip to the Keys.

Take the Florida Turnpike from north to south and follow signs to Homestead to Key West from north. Once you have done that, head north on the Keys Highway and then south on I-95 for the rest of the trip.

On the map, the drive from Key West to Miami is a little over three hours, but when you get there, it's only about an hour and a half. Miami International Airport is the best airport to fly to if you plan to take off or land at the airport in Miami-Dade County, Florida, or the Keys.

Other Florida cities operate passenger ferries to Key West, including Miami, but there are also overnight options. If you are on a cruise to Miami, many ships dock in Key East before heading to the Caribbean.

The best way to experience the Keys is to take a ferry or plane to Key West, whether you are flying United, Delta or American. It is possible to fly from all major US airlines, most of which talk about their flights from Miami, but only the puddle - the show jumpers fly from Miami International Airport. The best thing about the 113-mile stretch in the Florida Keys is that it is surrounded by water. You can drive through the keys by driving through St. Lucie County, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County, to name a few.

A visit to the Florida Keys and Key West is a must - do something from interacting with dolphins, a ride on the African Queen, to eating your fair share of Key Lime Pie. There are so many things to do that you could easily spend a whole week discovering them all.

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