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Although many places in the Florida Keys are well known and well visited, visitors often overlook a number of hidden treasures. Key West may have lost some of its old world charm, especially with the advent of mass tourism, but there is still plenty of room for kitschy souvenirs as the fine art scene continues to grow. Many tourists expect KeyWest, and the Gates Hotel is highlighted by art galleries that you can visit if you walk past Duval Street and want to take a piece of it home.

Founded in 1974, Gingerbread Square Gallery houses works by renowned artists and craftsmen from Key West and around the world. The gallery features changing galleries and exhibitions, and the Florida Keys Community Concert Band presents special outdoor concerts on topics. The studio in KeyWest exhibits contemporary art and offers a wide range of fine arts, sculpture, photography, ceramics and other works of art. Key East Art Center, a gallery and museum, hosts exhibitions by local artists as well as a variety of special events, including the annual Key Keys Art Festival, also hosted by Key West Art Center.

Other unique attractions include the Key West Museum of Natural History, the Florida Keys Historical Museum and the National Park Service. The Key Keys, home to the largest nature park system in the world, attract visitors looking for a cultural experience. Exploring the region's ecological and historical attractions can capture the imagination of artists and writers who seek unspoilt natural landscapes and places to let their creativity run wild.

You can see the latest work commissioned by Art in Public Places at the Key West Museum of Natural History and the Florida Keys Historical Museum. There's much more to Stock Island, like David Wright's "Key West First Responders," a tribute to the West's most important military and first responders.

Alan S. Maltz has received international attention for his exploration of Florida's exquisite nature. His award-winning coffee table book, "The Florida Keys: A Natural History of the Keys, "examines the history of Key West and its people, culture and history.

One of the world's most famous artists on view at Key West Galleries is Bebe O'Hara, a world-renowned artist with over 30 years of experience in Key East art. One of her most famous and most frequently reproduced paintings from the West is "Balaclavas from the Anchor" (from commissions).

Key West has been advertised as a destination for 60 years, and this inventive and resilient spirit has prevailed and still does. Highlights include the Key East Art Museum, the largest collection of artworks in the United States. Selection of books, handmade, modern and antique jewelry, paintings, sculptures, prints, ceramics and more.

It may not be quite as attractive as it was in Hemingway's time, but Key West is still a unique cultural destination for many. Today's enthusiasts enjoy a vibrant art scene and a strong sense of pride in the island's cultural heritage, as it strives to preserve its cultural identity for future generations. The monthly art walks in Islamorada and KeyWest highlight the work of established artists and encourage the growth of young talent. This island bastion of art and culture is home to some of the most talented artists, musicians, writers and musicians in the world.

The Studios of Key West are located in the historic arsenal of the island on White Street. The ground floor will explore the incredible history of this island chain, and the second floor will host various traveling exhibitions reflecting the natural and art history of the Florida Keys. Every third Thursday of the month, visitors can get in touch with artists from all over the world as well as local artists, musicians, writers and musicians.

Experience a piece of island history and let ARTISTS MUSE take you through the history of Key West's art and culture past, present and future. Come to see a live performance by local artists, musicians, writers and musicians from around the world, or experience art in its purest form.

Organised by the St. Augustine Art Galleries, this art walk features a live performance by local artists, musicians, writers and musicians from around the world. Imagine Art, which will be shown for the second year in a row at the Key West Museum of Art on Saturday, May 20, 2016.

The intimate 150-seat Waterfront Playhouse entertains the audience in Key West with live music, dance, music and dance performances by local artists and musicians. In 1991, the Land Acquisition Council of the State of Florida purchased the 1.5-acre site on the west side of the city's main street and leased it to the eminent West Art Historical Society to build the museum. KeyWest Galleries is the largest art collection in the United States and one of only a handful of galleries in Florida that showcases more than 1,000 works by artists from around the country and the world. Young's organization, which publishes an annual gallery guide, maps the history and current state of the most important Western art and art history.

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